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Free Mortgage Payoff Calculator – It is Time to Pay Off Your Mortgage!!

Free Mortgage Payoff Calculator – It is Time to Pay Off Your Mortgage!!

You paid off your bank cards, scholar loans, your automotive. You saved up a strong emergency fund and now you are investing 15% in your retirement. Holy crap, you are rocking it!!

And now it is time to begin paying off your own home! Woot woot!! FYI – In case you’re not fairly as much as this step but (ie. you continue to have shopper debt), you’ll want to use this debt snowball device for assist! After which come again to this put up whenever you’re in a greater place to slay your mortgage!

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How Quick May You Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Alright, so now you’ve got received a 15-year, a 30-year, or possibly even a 50-year mortgage (hopefully not although!). What if you happen to began throwing some extra cash at it? How shortly might you pay it off? I wager you would be stunned!

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In January of 2015, I made the choice to repay my $54,000 mortgage. I flipped automobiles, I mowed lawns, and I wrote a ton of articles for fellow bloggers – principally, I did all the things doable to make a buck.

The end result?

I paid off my complete mortgage by December eleventh, 2015. That is proper, it took me lower than one yr to plow by the mortgage…and it is completely doable for you too! AND, you are in luck too.

I am so dedicated to YOU paying off YOUR mortgage, I made a downloadable mortgage payoff calculator that can assist you do it!

Take a look at all our private finance instruments for extra.

A 30-Yr Mortgage Paid Off Loopy Early!

How previous will you be in 30 years? 50? 60? 70? Do you actually need to wait that lengthy to repay your mortgage? I positively did not, and I am certain you actually do not both!

Cease listening to these “clever buyers” that declare it’s best to hold your mortgage eternally. They’re the quacks. Take heed to your intestine as an alternative. It is time to repay the mortgage!

What if I advised you that you may simply repay your 30-year mortgage in simply 13 years? You completely can! Test it out!

 mortgage payoff calculator

For example you might have a…

  • $150,000 mortgage mortgage, with a
  • 4% rate of interest, on a
  • 30-year mortgage

Your cost can be $716 a month. What if, from the start, you pay an additional $500 a month? How shortly do you assume you’d repay your mortgage?

  • 5 years early?
  • 7 years early?
  • 10 years early?

Nope. It is even higher than that. In case you put an additional $500 on prime of a $716 mortgage cost, you’d repay the complete mortgage virtually 17 years early!

Your 30 yr mortgage can be paid off in simply 13 years! BOOM! So…paying lower than double the mortgage cost will reduce out greater than double the time….Is not that CRAZY??

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The Awesomeness of the Mortgage Payoff Calculator

If an additional $500 might repay a 30-year mortgage in simply 13 years, how shortly do you assume you may repay your mortgage? Properly let’s discover out!

Click on this hyperlink to obtain the Mortgage Payoff Calculator and it’s best to see the Excel file pop up within the decrease left-hand facet of your display. Merely click on on the file, open it, and get began together with your entries!


When the file opens, discover all the sunshine orange cells – that is the place it’s good to enter data:

  • the mortgage rate of interest
  • the time period of the mortgage
  • the preliminary mortgage quantity
  • the month and yr the mortgage began
  • and the month and yr you would like to start out making additional funds

Once you’ve entered the data, merely click on the “Calculate” button to see simply how shortly you may repay your mortgage!

 mortgage payoff calculator with results

The blue-shaded areas of the mortgage payoff calculator will present you the outcomes of your additional funds. 

They will inform you:

  • when your mortgage might be paid off by
  • what number of years you’ve got saved with the additional funds
  • and the quantity of curiosity cash you will save!

In case you’re not an enormous fan of studying, simply take a look at the chart! The blue line exhibits the standard payoff charge (for the broke individuals of this world), and the orange line is your kick-butt mortgage payoff tracker! Within the instance above, you possibly can visually see that including $500 to a $716 cost cuts off 15 years or extra!

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So What Will You Determine?

So what about you? What is going to you do with the outcomes of this mortgage payoff calculator?

Will you buckle down, repay the mortgage, after which make investments closely till you are extremely rich? Or, will you make investments mildly, ignore the additional mortgage funds, and dwell a meager existence with the remainder of this unhappy world?

If I had been you, I would select choice #1.

In actual fact, I’ve…and it is freaking improbable!

What had been the outcomes of your mortgage payoff calculator? How briskly will you repay your mortgage?

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