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The Finest Poison Pokémon of All Time Ranked

The Finest Poison Pokémon of All Time Ranked

The Poison kind within the Pokémon collection appears like one of many odd ones out in a approach. It has such utility in its potential to present different Pokémon the poison standing ailment, which takes away well being each flip. However so a lot of them really feel weaker than they need to attributable to their secondary typing or strikes. 

Thankfully, one of the best Poison Pokémon of all time checklist under showcases essentially the most very important elements of this specific typing. The very best Poison Pokémon under nonetheless have their points however make up for them when it comes to Pokémon design, strikes, stats, reputation, secondary typing, and extra. 

1. Eternatus

Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield anime
Picture Credit score: Netflix After Faculty.

The Poison Dragon legendary Pokémon from Gen 8 captures the concept of a villainous legendary effectively. It has this alien house design, which incorporates a few of the most element out of any Pokémon ever created. Pair this with its distinctive stats and place within the story, and no different Poison Pokémon comes near its grandness.

2. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur Pokemon
Picture Credit score: Nintendo.

Bulbasaur and its evolutions kicked off the collection proper as the primary and solely starters to function the Poison secondary typing. This makes them one of many strongest Poison Pokémon within the collection, and Bulbasaur itself has one of the best, most nostalgic design out of the bunch. 

3. Poipole

Poipole from Pokemon
Picture Credit score: Pokémon

Poipole and its evolution Naganadel stay one of the best Extremely Beasts from Gen 7. It begins out as this one way or the other lovable little alien venomous Pokémon, which turns right into a fearsome however fashionable dragon. It has among the best designs and adaptability out of any Pokémon on this typing. 

4. Salazzle

Salazzle from Pokemon
Picture Credit score: Nintendo.

The primary Fireplace and Poison Pokémon got here out in Gen 7 with Salazzle. It additionally featured the controversial however enjoyable thought of solely the feminine Salandit evolving into Salazzle. It has essentially the most magnificent design for any Pokémon on this checklist, with its nearly theatrical fashion. 

5. Nihilego

Nihilego from Pokemon
Picture Credit score: Pokémon

Nihilego stands out as one of many most interesting Extremely Beasts from Gen 7. Its bizarre angelic jellyfish design works effectively and matches nice with the Poison typing. The Rock secondary typing doesn’t make a complete lot of sense, however it feels versatile in battle. Plus, bonus factors for its main story occasion with Lusamine in Gen 7. 

6. Croagunk

Croagunk on a background of Sinnoh
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

The Poison and Preventing-type mixture appears like one of many higher choices on this checklist. Croagunk first launched this again in Gen 4 with its hilarious frog-inspired design. It elevated additional when it appeared as one in every of Brock’s companions within the anime collection. 

7. Vileplume

Vileplume Pokemonbest Poison Pokémon
Picture Credit score: Nintendo.

Vileplume feels just like the prime instance of the best way to take a primary Poison Pokémon and evolve it effectively over the course of the three phases. It begins out because the lovable Oddish, goes by way of its awkward section as Gloom, and comes out trying nice as Vileplume. It additionally matches the traditional Grass and Poison kind combo effectively. 

8. Dragalge

Dragalge on a Kalos background
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

The collection acquired its first-ever Poison Dragon Pokémon in Gen 6 with the arrival of Dragalge. The design feels fairly weird and distinctive with its mixture of algae from the ocean however in a dragon kind. It one way or the other works effectively and appears like one of many higher Pokémon from Gen 6. 

9. Fezandipiti

Fezandipiti in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask
Picture Credit score: Nintendo UK

Fezandipiti stands out as one of the best of the Loyal Three legendary trio from Gen 9. The Poison and Fairy kind combo works fairly effectively collectively, and it has some strong stats. However essentially the most substantial a part of this Pokémon comes from its elegant however mocking fowl design. 

10. Seviper

Seviper on a Hoenn background
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Seviper took the concept of a venomous snake like Ekans and Arbok from Gen 1 and one-upped them. It has a way more menacing design with its viper inspiration and sensible colour scheme. It nonetheless might use one other evolution or a Mega kind, however it works effectively by itself. 

11. Paldean Wooper

Pokémon Scarlet Violet Paldean Wooper
Picture Credit score Nintendo Sport Freak

Wooper already dominated the collection as probably the most lovable Pokémon of all time, however it gained much more persona in Gen 9 with the Paldean kind. Its mixture of Poison and Floor feels distinctive sufficient, plus its extra muddy design, which supplies it a pleasant appeal. 

12. Grafaiai

Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Picture Credit score: The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

The long-awaited arrival of the bizarre Regular and Poison-type mixture lastly occurred in Gen 9. Grafaiai takes the real-life Aye-Aye animal and slaps a graffiti-like vibe to it. It appears like one of many riskier Pokémon, which turned out effectively. 

13. Iron Moth

Iron Moth
Picture Credit score: Nintendo.

The Paradox future type of Volcarona retains the Fireplace typing however provides Poison as an alternative of Bug. This makes for an odd kind mixture that works effectively for the legendary-like Gen 9 Pokémon. Its putting futuristic moth design fares higher than its previous counterpart. 

14. Glimmora

Glimmora from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Glimmora has the odd kind mixture of Rock and Poison, which feels distinctive and considerably highly effective. The Gen 9 Pokémon’s predominant asset comes from its distinctive magnificence. It seems to be like a beautiful blooming flower, which hides some harmful potential, making it among the best poison Pokémon.

15. Trubbish

Trubbish on a Unova background
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

If gamers ignore the memes about Trubbish because the literal trash Pokémon within the collection, they’ll discover probably the most endearing designs within the collection. It has such a stunning juxtaposition as a cute and charming bag of rubbish. 

16. Crobat

Crobat on a Johto background
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Crobat, by and enormous, mounted a lot of the points with the odd and underwhelming Zubat line. The third stage arrived in Gen 2 and offered the evolutionary line with an intriguing purple vampire bat, which completes it within the strongest approach attainable. 

17. Arbok

Arbok on a Kanto background
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Arbok confirmed the concept of an ordinary toxic snake in Gen 1 and captured the Poison thought higher than most different Pokémon on the time. Its mascot-like nature for the typing goes additional when gamers think about the various totally different patterns it has out there for the face on its stomach. 

18. Overqwil

Overqwil on a Hisui backgroundbest poison Pokémon
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Overqwil mounted lots of the points with Qwilfish, one of many weakest and most forgettable Pokémon of all time. This new Gen 8 evolution for Qwilfish has Darkish typing as its secondary and a few strong utility, even when its design stays one of many worst of its era. 

19. Okidogi

Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask
Picture Credit score: Nintendo UK

Okidogi works effectively as the center member of the Loyal Three and the second-most profitable of the bunch. The Poison and Preventing-type combo works effectively, and its design has a pleasant mixture of sarcasm and a lovable canine companion. 

20. Roserade

Roserade in the Pokemon anime
Picture Credit score: The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

Roserade feels just like the second try to catch the recognition and success of the Vileplume line however for Gens 3 and 4. In the long run, it doesn’t fairly attain the heights of its predecessor Pokémon, however it has an enchanting design mixture of roses and a Zorro-like character, making it among the best poison Pokémon.

21. Drapion

Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Drapion goes approach too onerous in its try to be a scary Poison Pokémon. This matches effectively, a minimum of, with its different typing in Darkish, which feels distinctive for this group. This makes it one of many extra underrated finest poison Pokémon on this checklist. 

22. Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing on a Galar map
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Koffing and Weezing may hint their origins again all the way in which to the primary video games within the collection, however they really feel lackluster in each approach. Galarian Weezing fixes a lot of that with its odd however intriguing design and strong Poison and Fairy-type combo. 

23. Beedrill

Beedrill on a Kanto map
Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

Beedrill arrived in Gen 1 as the opposite trio of Bug Pokémon for the primary set of video games. It went down a distinct path than its counterpart, taking the Poison secondary typing attributable to its bee sting inspiration. Its design falters some, apart from the Mega Evolution, however stays nostalgic for a lot of gamers. 

24. Scolipede

Picture Credit score: Pokemon.com

The Bug and Poison kind combo appears like probably the most traditional for this kind. It is sensible with the entire varied toxic bugs on the planet, together with Scolipede’s inspiration from the centipede. It has a putting and nearly menacing design, which helps it. 

25. Munkidori

Munkidori from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask
Picture Credit score: Nintendo UK

The Psychic and Poison member of the Loyal Three from Gen 9 has essentially the most disappointing design of the bunch. If gamers look previous this, although, they’ll discover probably the most highly effective legendary Pokémon on this checklist with its strong strikes and stats. 

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